Scouts BSA

7:30am Check-in

  • Check-in at Flight Operations parking lot-7:30am
  • First Aviation 101 Class at Port of Seattle Conference Center. Bus leaves at 8:00am.
  • Second Aviation 101 Class at Port of Seattle Conference Center. Plan to arrive via bus at 10:30am.
  • NOTE-If you are attending the second Aviation 101] class, please get your 737 simulator flight accomplished first.
  • Merit Badge counseling interviews begin at 2:00pm in the large tent in the Flight Operations parking lot.
  • Be sure to check-out to receive your special prize in the large tent in the Flight Operations parking lot.

Scouts BSA Attendees

This event is considered a BSA High Adventure event. All Scouts attending must be a minimum of 13 years of age.  All requirements for the Scouts BSA Aviation and Engineering Merit Badges may be accomplished during this one day program.  See your Scoutmaster and Merit Badge requirements booklet for details.  Remember it is YOUR responsibility to plan your time for the required classroom activities, Aviation 101 and Engineer Presentation, as well as the limited 737 simulator time slots.

A light lunch will be provided.  Snacks will be offered as well.  If you have special food requirements please plan to bring your own lunch that meets those requirements.

The activities and lectures for the day will be at the Alaska Airlines Flight Operations Training Center, the Alaska Airlines Hangar, and the Port of Seattle Airport Conference Center.  The participants will be transported to the various event locations by buses.

Classroom sessions are taught at the high school level.  Special sessions can be arranged for learning disabled student groups.   for additional information.

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is structured more like a career/education fair with an open format.  The Scout participants will be free to choose the activities and lectures they want to attend throughout the day.  There will be an “Activities Passport” issued at check-in and we strongly encourage each Scout to complete each item listed.  Visit all the events/booths to get each item checked off by the volunteer counselors.  When the passport is completed you’ll present it to our onsite Merit Badge Counselors to be tested on the knowledge you have learned.  If successful, you will be given the completed blue cards and earn a special prize.

The Scouts BSA attendees will start the day at 8:00am with the 2-hour “Aviation 101 class,” a vital requirement of the Aviation Merit Badge. We will have two scheduled classes, at 8:00am and 10:30am.  Each class is limited to 200 Scouts.  The program is in a classroom setting that includes the following:

  • Introduction to Aviation Academics
    • fundamentals of flight
    • aviation weather
    • flight planning


  • Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is a FREE event
  • All students are required to be chaperoned
  • All students and chaperones MUST be registered
  • Minimum age to attend is 13 years old, maximum age is 18
  • EACH PARTICIPANT must bring a PRINTED, SIGNED permission slip and confirmation email to the event.  


Chaperone Permission and Release Slip  
Aviation Careers Information Sheet