Spectacular Event in the Cold Skies: the Arctic Lightning Airshow in Alaska

Spectacular Event in the Cold Skies: the Arctic Lightning Airshow in Alaska

On July 13, 2019, thousands of people gathered at Eason Air Force Base in Alaska to witness one of the most exciting aviation events, the Arctic Lightning Airshow. The event attracted visitors from across the country, and they were not disappointed.

Arctic lightning stars

The Arctic Lightning Airshow was a special event because of the participation of two powerful air wings: the 354th Fighter Wing and the 168th Fighter Wing. Both wings contributed to creating an exciting program for this airshow.

F-16 and KC-135 aircraft shone in the Alaskan skies, creating stunning aerial maneuvers and demonstrating their combat performance. The pilots displayed supreme professionalism and courage, leaving spectators holding their breath.

The splendor of the F-35

However, the real star of the Arctic Lightning Airshow was the new generation aircraft – F-35, which was presented for the first time at this airshow. This U.S. Air Force fighter amazed the audience with its maneuverability and speed, demonstrating the future of American military aviation.

Diversity and impressions

In addition to the F-16, KC-135 and F-35, dozens of other aircraft of various types and models were present at the event. Guests could not only watch them from afar, but also spend time inside and outside of these mighty machines. It was a unique opportunity to see how military aircraft function and experience the majesty of aviation.

Education and entertainment

Arctic Lightning Airshow also offered educational opportunities. Visitors were able to interact with military pilots and technicians, asking them questions and learning more about the U.S. Air Force. Interactive areas and activities were available for children to inspire the next generation to explore the world of aviation.

Arctic Lightning Airshow 2019 was an unforgettable event that brought aviation enthusiasts and peace-loving citizens together. It was a day when the skies over Alaska were filled with powerful engines and thrilling piloting skills. The Arctic Lightning Airshow showcased not only military might, but also the beauty of the art of flight, and left an unforgettable impression on all who attended the event.

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