Get ready to have the best day EVER! 

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is structured like a career and education fair with an open format.  The youth participants will be free to choose the activities they want to attend throughout the day. Attendees will receive an “Activities Passport” at check-in, and we strongly encourage each participant to complete all of the items listed. When the passport is completed, they’ll exchange it for a special prize at the end of the day. 

The activities for the day will be at the Horizon Airlines Flight Operations Center located at , Portland, .

Portland Aviation Day Activities:

  • Learn the steps of an airplane preflight check with the pilots that fly them.
  • Tour several military aircraft.
  • Build a glider and fly it in a contest.
  • Test your mechanical skills with Horizon Air airplane mechanics.
  • See how local high school students built an airplane with the students of Airway Science for Kids.
  • Rub shoulders with the men and women US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard and Oregon Air National Guard.
  • Go on a B737 or Q400 cockpit tour with Alaska and Horizon Airlines pilots.
  • Check out a real F-15 and talk to the pilots that fly them!
  • Learn about the composites used on the new Boeing 787 airplanes.
  • Meet FAA air traffic controllers, Port of Portland Police and Firefighters.
  • Chat with representatives from Boeing of Portland and learn about career opportunities from real Boeing employees.
  • Learn the ins and outs of UAV aviation and check out a real drone command center.
  • Discover aviation and aerospace educational opportunities from a variety of schools.
  • Plus many, many more special aviation activities!