Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is a FREE event!

Portland Requirements

  • All students are required to be chaperoned.
  • All students and chaperones must be registered.
  • Minimum age to attend is 11 years old, maximum age is 18
  • Each individual participant must bring a PRINTED, SIGNED permission slip to the event. You will not be admitted without it!
  • Youth-to-Adult Ratio: In order to accommodate as many youths as possible, you must have a 5:1 youth-to-chaperone ratio. All adults must be registered for security purposes.

Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is considered a Scouts BSA High Adventure event. All Scouts attending must be a minimum of 11 years old. All requirements for the Scouts BSA Aviation may be accomplished during this program. See your Scoutmaster and Merit Badge requirements booklet for details. Remember, it is your responsibility to plan your time for the required classroom activities: Aviation 101 and Aero Charting. This classroom activity also meets the Girl Scouts requirements for the Sky Badge or Aviation patch. 

 Classroom sessions are taught at the high-school level. Special sessions can be arranged for learning-disabled student groups. Contact us via email at for additional information.