How to Register:

Aviation Day is a free event sponsored by Alaska Airlines for youth between the ages 11-18. There is no fee to attend. Carefully read the information below and then choose the link below that best applies to your group.

Here’s the information that you will need to register your group, troop, or organization.

Required Group Leader Information

    • Full Name


    • Email Address


    • Phone Number


    • Address, City, Zip


  • Organization
  • Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

Required Student / Additional Chaperone Information

    • Full Name


    • Student’s Age on May 5th (not needed for chaperones)


    • Gender


    • Email Address


  • Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

Youth / Adult Ratio:  In order to accommodate as many youths as possible, we ask that your group maintain a 5:1 youth/chaperone ratio.  All adults must be registered for security purposes. Thank you for your adherence to this request.


Permission Slip – A confirmation email that contains a permission slip will be sent to each attendee.  This is the ticket for entry to Aviation Day.  Please print this form, have a parent or legal guardian sign, and bring it to the event.  This permission form is required for entry.

Don’t Delay – Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis.