Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Aviation Academy

Girl Scout Attendees

Check-in at 10:00am

All participants will receive a Passport. All activities are listed on the passport and are categorized.  When an activity is completed the participant will have the category stamped indicating that activity has been completed.  After all categories have been stamped, the participant will receive prizes!

At the end of the day be sure to check out at the large tent in the Flight Operations parking lot to receive your special prize.


  • Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is a FREE event
  • All students are required to be chaperoned
  • All students and chaperones MUST be registered
  • Minimum age to attend is 11 years old for girls, maximum age is 18
  • EACH PARTICIPANT must bring a PRINTED, SIGNED permission slip to the event.  YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED WITHOUT IT!




Permission and Release Slip   PDF
Chaperone Permission and Release Slip   PDF
Aviation Careers Information Sheet   PDF