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Build a glider with a Boeing engineer

Build a glider with a Boeing engineer

Interact with industry professionals

Interact with industry professionals

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day is structured like a career / education fair with an open format.  The youth participants will be free to choose the activities and lectures they want to attend throughout the day.  There will be an “Activities Passport” issued at check-in and we strongly encourage each participant to complete each item listed.  To get it completed by the days end each participant will accomplish each activity and get that item checked off by the volunteer counselors.  When the passport is completed you’ll exchange it for a special prize at the end of the day.
The activities and lectures for the day will be at the Alaska Airlines Flight Operations Training Center, the Alaska Airlines Hanger, and the Port of Seattle Airport Conference Center.  The participants will be transported to the various event locations by the Port of Seattle busses and their drivers.


additional-details2Classroom sessions are taught at the high school level.  Special sessions can be arranged for learning disabled student groups.  Contact us via email for additional information.




Activities will include:

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    Fly a real flight simulator

    A chance to fly an Alaska Airlines B737 simulator

  • Learn to do an airplane preflight with the pilots that fly them
  • Tour several Military Aircraft
  • Build a glider with a Boeing engineer
  • Test your mechanical skills with Alaska Airlines airplane mechanics
  • Learn about the evolution of aircraft engine technology with the mechanics of Kenmore Air
  • See how a local high school built an airplane with the students of  TeenFlight Puyallup
  • Experience a simulated airplane evacuation with Alaska Airlines flight attendants
  • Go on a B737 or Q400 cockpit tour with an Alaska Airlines pilot
  • Learn about the composites used on the NEW Boeing 787
  • Meet FAA air traffic controllers, Port of Seattle Police and Firefighters
  • Learn how Alaska Airlines is saving jet fuel and lowering its carbon footprint
  • There will be many MORE special aviation activities
Experience a simulated airplane evacuation

Experience a simulated airplane evacuation

Aviation Career Lectures from:

  • Alaska Airlines Pilots
  • Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants
  • Alaska Airlines Engineers
  • Alaska Airlines Dispatchers
  • FAA Air Traffic Controllers

Aviation and Aerospace Education Opportunities from:

Aviation and Aerospace Education opportunities

Aviation and Aerospace Education opportunities

Also featuring informational booths from: